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Diane and Graham Dorward have designed this rule especially for crafters, rag ruggers, quilters, sewers, woodworkers, etc. Especially made for Diane Dorward Crafts in England.
A strong plastic rule which is 6" wide by 24" long (yes, in inches!), at 1/8" intervals.
There are vertical and horizontal lines on the rule which enables you to line up accurately. It is see-through so perfect for marking seam allowances and turnings for rugs. Marked with 60 and 45 degree angles so this enables bias strips, and long diamonds to be cut precisely without a template. It comes with a sheet of instructions and tips.
Use with a cutting mat and rotary cutter for maximum efficiency. The width of the rule allows you to keep one hand fully on the rule whilst cutting, much more safely than a thinner rule will.
A perfect addition to any crafter's kit. It has a hanging hole punched for storage.

DDCR 8.50